2026: A Journey That’s Just Begun

A student, with a plethora of opportunities to be explored, on the journey of finding herself, her passion and the balance between them all.

Hi. I am Chandni. Yes, I seldomly write and want to learn how to write more flawlessly. Not to sell my products but to create an impact. Oops. I mean, “Not ONLY to sell my products but ALSO to create an impact.”

I’m here on the Digital Deepak internship platform to learn and implement the knowledge of this digital world as a Millennial who is training to be a part of this digital marathon.

The following interview is a part of my assignment. Please do let me know how you like it!

Interviewed by Eric McDowell, Business Insider.

For the interview Chandni insists we take a walk in the plush garden in the heart of the city, surrounded by trees mid-afternoon as the cool breeze blew by.

E — Fresh out of college, and already earning more than most of your seniors combined. How did you do this?

C — (laughs) That is indeed a great question to open with and I’m very humbled by your thoughts. My story isn’t a one shot at success, but a result of consistent effort. In fact I started my first entrepreneurial journey as a fifteen-year-something when I held classes for little kids as a summer camp, then went on to sell home baked cookies and home made chocolates, and fast forward to 2024, I established an enterprise of my own and some of the finest skilled people in the industry as a part of my team. It isn’t about one-man-army anymore. One-woman-battalion, as I like to call it for me. It is about how many lives I can impact and make a positive change in. For me it is not a mere competition or how much I am making. It is about striving to be the best, most hard working, committed and driven version of myself everyday so I can lift people up as I keep pushing my limits. I believe in “Hustle like you got no friends and grind like no one got your back”.

E — Interesting. So tell us something about your company.

C — We at #66023C ( pronounced : hashtag sixty-six ‘O twenty three C) work with some of the world’s most demanding yet opulent clients in the digital marketing sector. Our primary focus is building and establishing niche personal brands and brand identity development. Our services range from website development to digital campaigning to content marketing and SEM. One could say we have a very broad range of services, but our brand speaks for itself. We have just over ten staff members who are working from three different countries which makes us easier to cater to clients in different time zones. Our clients are some very prominent figures in their respective industries. We are a company who believes in passion over power, so we do not follow the corporate hierarchy system. I personally am against it. We believe everybody’s opinion makes a difference.

E — #66023C? That’s a very peculiar name for a company.

C — Yes it is. If you just simply Google #66023C it means Tyrian Purple. It is a beautiful symbolism of elite, royal and nobility. The colour though never commercially produced, was originally procure from shellfish and was outrageously expensive that only the high ranking royals or rulers could afford it. Tyrian Purple holds the exact significance in our company too — it defines us and the fine quality of our work.

I — Very thoughtful. So, our readers want to know about your role model. Who is she/he?

C — I do not have a living role model. Nor is this person deceased. Interestingly, my role model is inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s Best Actor Oscar’s Speech quoted “I want 3 things in life each day. Something to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase. First I want to thank God, cause he is someone I look up to. To my family, that’s who I look forward to. And to my hero — that’s who I chase. When I was fifteen years old, my hero was me in 10 years. So I turned twenty-five, my hero was me at thirty-five. So every day, every week and every month of my life, my hero is ten years ahead of me. I am never going to be there. I am not going to attain that, and that’s just fine with me cause that keep me with somebody to keep on chasing. And to that I say — Alright, Alright, Alright”

These words resonate with me so much that every time I feel side tracked from my path, or I am feeling like giving up, I watch this video. I hear these words. And that’s exactly who my role model is. Me, ten years later. Me who is in 2036, living my life as I dream it.

E — What are your plans for the future? Do you think you have it in you to be the top 100 most influential women in the world?

C — My plans for the near future are to expand my business and set up a flawless, smooth-running system that takes care of the business even though I or my colleagues are not present.

Absolutely I do. I believe that you need to change what’s within, to change what’s without. Being influential is there on my to do list — not in a way that makes me crow about it, but because I believe in the good in everyone. I believe in the change for positivity that is for the greater good. When I say I do have that will in me, that power, that resilience in me to influence someone, I simply want to urge them — urge them to be the best version of themselves. Not to control them or command them to do something because the change that comes from within has more power than the change that comes from the outside.

E — Lastly, I would want to know something about your upcoming projects.

C — Billy Graham said, “Confidentiality is the essence of being trusted”, and we sure as do stand by his words.

E — Great! It was a lovely afternoon walk.

C — Thank you.

La Vie En Rose, cause sometimes we skip the red flags.